Cynthia Tschacher

Non-Denominational Minister & Wedding Officiant

Extensive Ministerial Services 

Cynthia Tschacher
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As a full-service minister, I’m available to assist couples, as well as the general public, throughout their lives.  As is true with my wedding ministry, all people and all faiths are welcome!  I offer a complete array of ministerial services and/or spiritual support for ALL of life’s occasions.  

CEREMONIES:  Ceremonies offered include, but are not limited to: Vow Renewals & Re-Commitments, Baptisms, Christenings, Memorials, Funerals, Rites of Passage, Personal Rituals, House Blessings, Office Blessings, Pet Blessings.  I eagerly tailor each ceremony to fit the unique circumstances of your life.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING:  I offer spiritual counseling/coaching for individuals and for couples.  My primary goal is to help empower people to appreciate, and to manifest, the magnificence of their own being.  From this foundation, it becomes ever more possible to hold a Divine, kind-hearted perception of everyone and everything in our lives.  I believe that this is the key to LIVING the love that we all innately are!  It is a passion of mine to help others to be able to discover this Love within themselves, to live their highest and best lives, and to radiate this love out to others.

SPIRITUAL CLASSES: I teach spiritual classes on a variety of topics.   For information on my current class schedule, please contact me.

CHURCH SERVICES:  I am available to conduct non-denominational church services.  Although I am currently working as an independent minister, I served as a minister at a Unity Church for many years. 
PUBLIC SPEAKING:  I am available to give professional talks on a variety of spiritual topics. 

ILLNESS AND/OR END-OF-LIFE ISSUES: I am available for Home, Hospital, and Hospice visitations and support.  As noted above, I am also available to officiate Funeral and Memorial services.  All of my services and ceremonies are personalized to best honor the person who is either ill, or has recently made his/her transition.